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It can be frustrating using free socks proxies. First, you have to search for them. Then, you have to test hundreds of them. When you finally find one that works, it goes offline in less time than it took you to look for it. Next thing you know, you’re wasting more time scavenging for more.

Paying for lists from a reputable provider that verifies uptime and integrity can save you a lot of time. It is worth the investment if you need a lot of HTTP or SOCKS gateways. Most companies will add checked working servers and remove dead ones every so often. They often have technical support to help anyone who is having trouble. There is enough value that it’s worth a try.

SOCKS Proxies Updated Hourly

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Posted by Vectro 2 Jan 2014

Some people need to unblock websites or have a concern about privacy. There are certain tools which can be used when browsing the web and accessing other online resources. There are different types of unblockers and anonymizers Continue reading “Proxy vs. VPN Comparison” »

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For various reasons, people sometimes need to connect software to a proxy. This may be to circumvent restrictions on their local network or because they want anonymity and privacy. Unfortunately, only some software actually has the proper settings which allow the user to configure proxy access. Continue reading “Capture All of Your Internet Activity Traffic Through a Proxy” »

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VectroProxy has been upgraded to Glype 1.4.1 and moved to a faster server as part of an ongoing effort to provide the best service to its users. YouTube videos can now be watched on the proxy and thumbnails display properly as well. Continue reading “VectroProxy Upgraded to Glype 1.4.1” »

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VectroProxy is always being improved. As of yesterday, Aug. 21, 2011, it has been migrated from PHPRoxy to Glype v1.1 along with several plug-ins. Continue reading “VectroProxy Upgraded To Glype 1.1” »

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It is possible to use a SOCKS proxy with Vuze for downloading BitTorrent files anonymously. It also works for sharing. This is important for keeping your IP address from being displayed to hosts who monitor and track connections. It can make downloading safer than it is to begin with.
Continue reading “Proxy Settings for Vuze BitTorrent Client” »

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Proxy lists are essentially just a list of proxies. They can contain different types of proxies such as Web-based, HTTP, SSL, Transparent, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5. Some even display multiple types in one place.
Continue reading “What Are Proxy Lists?” »

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DISCLAIMER: This entry was not written or proof-read by a legal professional. It is based on experience in the proxy business as well as independent research.

There is much confusion about the legality of proxies. One common question is are proxies legal? The simple answer is ‘Yes’ for some countries and ‘No’ for others. This depends on the political climate in that country. Some oppressive governments restrict access to many web sites and also ban any tools used to unblock them. Continue reading “Are Proxies Legal?” »

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40 countries engage in Internet Censorship. They restrict access to many popular web sites which people in free countries can visit at any time and take for granted. Continue reading “Oppressive Countries Block Web Sites” »

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Unblocking Facebook is not as straight forward as it may seem when using a web-based proxy. There are a few factors which come into play. Two issues are the software being used and if JavaScript is available. Continue reading “How To Find a Proxy To Unblock Facebook” »

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