If YouTube is Broken on Your Proxy, Upgrade to Glype 1.4.2

Posted by Vectro 27 November 2012

Glype 1.4.2 comes with a new YouTube plug-in. It resolve a bug with the old plug-in that occurred due to a code problem on the YouTube site. If you’re using PHProxy, it is a good idea to migrate to Glype because of this and for many other reasons such as better functionality and a lower memory footprint. If you upgrade and find that videos are still broken, it could be due to the server IP being banned.

In addition to the fix mentioned above, version 1.4.2 includes support for Hotmail, live.com, MSN, Twitter, and Yahoo! Mail. There are also a number of bug fixes.

Remember to always leave the footer link in Glype so as not to violate the license. It’s only fair since it’s free. If you need help installing, configuring or promoting, you can visit the discussion forums at NetBuilders or visit proxy.org and click the ‘Forums’ link.

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