Good Proxy Lists that Actually Send Traffic

Posted by Vectro 13 February 2012

It can be difficult to know exactly which proxy lists send a viable amount of traffic and which ones send little to no traffic. It is even more difficult to find lists that send traffic steadily instead of only for a short period of time. To add to the frustration, they go offline frequently because many do not last long.

Several years of experience in the proxy business has yielded a ‘master list’ of quality proxy lists used by the VectroProxy network. Many of them have been online for a long time and most (but not all) of them send traffic steadily. This is because they randomize their listings each time someone visits them. This is better than placing the most recently submitted proxy site at the bottom where it can easily go unnoticed.

Here are some decent proxy lists that actually bring visitors (Updated March 16, 2014):

Sorted Randomly

Sorted By Recently Added

No Backlink Required

Small Fee Required (But worth it) ($1)

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