Increase Earnings from Your Proxy List with the ProxyNoid Add-On

Posted by Vectro 7 October 2011

If you are the owner of a proxy list and you want to increase your earnings you can use the ProxyNoid add-on for your site. The add-on is compatible with the atProxy script and ProxyCoder list script. You now have the opportunity to earn more money from your proxy list by entering ProxyNoid’s network.

As a proxy list owner, one of your main needs is are constant submissions to your proxy list. Here is how you can earn both money and extra traffic by including your list in ProxyNoid’s network:

  1. ProxyNoid’s network makes sure that you will receive a constant stream of checked and verified proxy submissions to your list.
  2. They make sure that you don’t have to waste your time asking and looking around for new proxies.
  3. The new fresh proxies ensure that your visitors will not find dead proxies. That means only quality sites will be submitted to your list which in turn creates more repeat visitors. This can lead to more possible clicks on your ads and increased revenue.
  4. You earn ProxyNoid credits for each visitor that clicks on a proxy site on your list which was submitted by ProxyNoid.*
  5. Your ads are placed on a special page in the network. You earn money from your own ads that will be placed on the special “connection” page. ProxyNoid will automatically convert each 5 points into 1 ProxyNoid credit which you can use to promote your own site. This means both money and traffic for you. You can choose which ads you want shown on the “connection” page from the advertising companies that are compatible with ProxyNoid’s. Only unique clicks count towards your points.

You will essentially have a wheel that constantly feeds your proxy list with fresh proxies. You earn money from the traffic that you send to the network through the ads on the “connection” page. The more traffic your proxy list sends the more points you receive which are converted into ProxyNoid credits. You can use the credits to promote your own proxy in the network whenever you want.

To try it, visit ProxyNoid, download the latest version and apply for a Proxy List Partners ID and API key. There is more information available within ProxyNoid user’s panel. If you already have an account, there, you can log in to read more about it. If not, simply create a free account at

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