Limit the Maximum Size of File Downloads in PHProxy

Posted by Vectro 22 May 2011

PHProxy has a setting that allows you to limit the maximum size of a file download. By default PHProxy has no limit. Setting a specific size such as 10MB or 5MB will cut back on your bandwidth usage and reduces strain on your site. The size should be entered in bytes.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Open your proxy site’s index.php in your favorite editor.
  2. Change the limit:

To set a 10MB limit, find this line…

‘max_file_size’            => -1,

…and replace it with this:

‘max_file_size’            => 10485760,

If you want to limit the max size to 5MB, use this instead:

‘max_file_size’            => 5242880,

If you would like this to be done for you, contact support and be sure to mention the size you want it set to. We are happy to assist you.

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