Rename browse.php to Prevent Glype from Being Used by Bots

Posted by Vectro 16 May 2011

Some bots look for Glype scripts so they can misuse them for spam and other abuse. All Glype scripts use the file browse.php to retrieve the websites the users are trying to view. It’s possible for automated software to look for that file and then exploit it. The simple fix is to rename browse.php so these scripts can’t find it. After changing the file name, the next step is to edit some code to tell it where to find the file.

The steps are outlined below:

  1. Rename browse.php to something like surf.php or web.php or anything you want as long as it ends with the .php extension. In this example, surf.php will be used.
  2. Use your favorite web page editor to open includes/init.php and find this block of code:
// Script name (change this if you rename browse.php)
define('SCRIPT_NAME', 'browse.php');

Then, change it to this:

// Script name (change this if you rename browse.php)
define('SCRIPT_NAME', 'surf.php');

For an example, visit this proxy and use it to browse to any site. Look at the URL bar in your browser and notice how it uses surf.php?=u instead of browse.php?=u.

Source: Rename browse.php to prevent abuse from automated scripts | Glype themes

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