What Are Proxy Lists?

Posted by Vectro 26 October 2010

Proxy lists are essentially just a list of proxies. They can contain different types of proxies such as Web-based, HTTP, SSL, Transparent, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5. Some even display multiple types in one place.


End-users often wish to find fresh proxies on a regular basis to avoid leaving a trail of data and cookies. Other people find that the ones they use go down or no longer work with their favorite sites. Some people who live in countries which engage in internet censorship often find their favorite proxy sites become easily banned by their government. In those cases is it necessary to continuously find new ones.

Proxy Webmasters

Proxy lists serve two main purposes for webmasters. One reason is for owners of proxy list websites to display advertising so they can gain revenue. The other purpose is for owners of web-based proxies to purchase or trade advertising on these lists to increase traffic to their sites.

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