Change tmp Directory in Glype for Security

Posted by Vectro 22 August 2010

Some Glype sites are configured to store cached pages, cookies and logs. If you have any of those 3 features enabled, it is a good idea to change the location of your Glype temporary directory to prevent against possible hacking. To do this, edit your includes/settings.php file and find this line:

$CONFIG['tmp_dir'] = GLYPE_ROOT . '/tmp/';

and replace it with this:

$CONFIG['tmp_dir'] = GLYPE_ROOT . '/newtmp/';

Just replace newtmp with the new name. The next step after you do this is to use FTP or SSH to rename the actual directory. Also, make sure the permissions are set so it is writable. If your host runs PHP as CGI, it is not necessary to make it world writable and is also more secure this way. If you have multiple Glype sites, it might even be a good idea to give each temp. dir. a different name.

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