The Best Proxy Add-Ons for Firefox

Posted by Vectro 21 February 2010

Firefox has limited configuration options for private surfing. The 6 add-ons listed below make it even more configurable.

FoxyProxy – This is the most popular extension related to proxies with over over 7 million downloads. It allows Firefox to use different proxies based on the URLs you visit. It also supports 25 different languages.

SwitchProxy – This extension simply allows the proxy configuration to be changed on-the-fly.

QuickProxy – Perfect for enabling and disabling a single proxy with the click of a button.

Tor-Proxy.NET – Use this one to randomly switch between different anonymizer services. It currently supports TOR, JonDos/JAP and I2P. The built-in Cookie blocker and JavaScript blocker add privacy.

Toggle Proxy – Switches between two proxies using a toolbar.

Torbutton – Enable or disable your browser’s use of Tor.

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