Don’t Use Proxies To Do SEO

Posted by Vectro 21 February 2010

Many webmasters, even experienced ones, sometimes like to hide behind proxies when submitting their content to social bookmarking sites. This is not even done to reach the first page, but to gain backlinks which can be indexed by Google. digg and other services have changed their links to nofollow to combat the recent flux of SEO spammers. This defeats the purpose of using it for search engine optimization in the first place. The bottom line is if the content is worth while and of quality, then it is a better idea to use your real account to submit it. Proxy IP addresses end up being banned in the long run, turning this method into a game of black-hat cat and mouse. For more tips on content quality, backlinks and social bookmarking, try joining some of the discussions at reputable webmaster forums like NetBuilders.

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