Not All Proxies are Truly Anonymous

Posted by Vectro 21 February 2010

Do you use web-based proxies to surf the net anonymously? Be careful, different ones have different levels of anonymity. The ones that are common on the web provide only a basic level. Your ISP can still see data that goes back and forth between you and the proxy.

The proxy you are connecting to might also be logging your basic connection info or even watching the sites you visit. You never know who is watching on the other end. It is even possible that hackers and analytics companies are just trying to gather as much data about people as they can. Even advanced methods such as HTTP and SOCKS are still ‘in the clear’ without any kind of hiding mechanism.

Services that use SSL (encryption) provide even stronger security. Another factor which adds privacy is blocking scripts. The only problem with this is some pages will not function without them. The solutions are to use SSL or SSH for an extra boost. If you are new to that sort of thing, try going to Google and typing search phrases such as ‘Free SSL Proxy’ and ‘SSL Glype’.Try VectroProxy with SSL enabled for free. There is also a policy explaining that we do not give out your personal information.

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