How to Enable and Disable Your Proxy in Firefox On-the-Fly

Posted by Vectro 21 February 2010

It is possible to install a Firefox add-on which installs a small button in the lower-right corner. All you have to do is click it to turn your proxy on or off whenever you want.

NOTE: This add-on is not for users with multiple proxies. It should only be used you only use one proxy.

Instructions for downloading, installing and using the QuickProxy Firefox add-on:

1) Using Firefox, go to this page to download QuickProxy.
2) Once there, click the button that says ‘Add to Firefox’. This will open the Software Installation screen.
3) Click the ‘Install’ button as soon as it becomes available.
4) You may get a notice saying Firefox needs to be restarted to finish the installation. In this case, simply restart Firefox.
5) After Firefox restarts, you will notice an icon with the letter ‘P’ on it in the lower-right corner. Click it to turn your proxy on/off. When the icon is red, the tunnel is off. When the icon is green, the tunnel is on.

NOTE: This plug-in only applies to Firefox.

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