How to Change Proxy Settings in Firefox

Posted by Vectro 21 February 2010

Firefox is the preferred web browser for security. Below are the settings to make Firefox work with a proxy.

1) Click ‘Tools’.
2) Click ‘Options…’.
3) Click the ‘Advanced’ tab.
4) Where it says ‘Configure how Firefox connects to the Internet’, click the ‘Settings…’ button.
5) Select the option that says ‘Manual proxy configuration:’.
6) For this example, we will assume you are using an HTTP proxy. Find the section that says ‘HTTP Proxy:’ and enter the address of your proxy in the box. Next to it where it says ‘Port:’ enter the port for your proxy. This insormation should have been given to you by your service provider or list.
7) Click ‘OK’.
8) Click ‘OK’ on the previous screen.

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